The Department of Medicine at University of Maryland Prince George’s Hospital Center offers a three-year program in internal medicine. The Categorical Program provides core clinical training in internal medicine and meets the requirements of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). The department also provides training for interns completing a preliminary year before moving on to other specialties. Over the past decade, our residents have been comprised of graduates of more than 60 different medical schools from around the globe. The residents come from diverse ethnic and geographic backgrounds.  During the above rotations, the PGY-1 year is designed to allow residents to begin to make clinical decisions with careful supervision by senior level residents and attendings. 


As they progress through the year, they achieve more experience and skill, which allows them to act more independently.  The PGY2 and 3 residents have many common rotations and certain specific rotations. Senior residents report directly to their supervising attending. There is a PGY3 available in house at all times to assist PGY2 or PGY1 residents with their duties. At the third year level, residents are regularly the senior person on call and their attendings rely on their clinical evaluations. Their management skills are expanded by having had sufficient experience to make appropriate judgments concerning clinical problems under the supervision of an attending.  The below rotations are outlined specifically for our residency program.

Internal Medicine Residency Program Rotations

Year One

Orientation                     5 months

NIGHT FLOAT                  1 month 

ICU                                  2 months

AMBULATORY                  1 month 

SUBSPECIALITY                2 months

VACATION                       1 month 

ER (Prelims only)                 1 month 


Year Two

WARDS                            3 months

CARDIOLOGY                   2 months

ICU                                   2 months

SUBSPECIALITY                   2 months

AMBULATORY                   1 month 

OUTSIDE ELECTIVE             1 month 

VACATION                        1 month 

Year Three

WARDS                            1 month 

ICU                                  1 month 

CARDIOLOGY                     1 month 

ER                                    1 month 

SUBSPECIALITY                3 months


OUTSIDE ELECTIVE           1 month 

VACATION                        1 month

NIGHT FLOAT                   1 month