1. What is your application deadline?

  •  We begin accepting applications September 1.
  •  The application deadline is December 1.
  • Applications for PGY-1 positions are only accepted via ERAS.
  • Unfortunately, due to volume we will not be able to grant interviews to all qualified applicants.

2. When are your interviews?

  • We begin interviewing MID November and continue until MID January.
  • Interview dates are subject to change and will be provided by the program coordinator upon invitation to interview.

3. Do you offer preliminary as well as categorical positions?

  • Yes, six preliminary and twelve categorical positions.

4. Do you hire outside of the NRMP match?

  • No

5. Do you offer visiting resident/medical student rotations?

  • We have clinical clerkship ONLY for affiliated medical schools.

6. Do you have a minimum USMLE score?

  • It is very difficult to give a specific number as the entire application is looked at.

7. How long can I be out of medical school and still apply to your program?

  • We prefer not more than 10 years, however the entirety of the clinical activities an applicant has been involved will be looked at.

8. Do you require US clinical experience?

  • We prefer clinical experience in the United States, so that there is an understanding of the medical language and the basics of the American Medical System.

9. Are there any special requirements for IMGs?

  • We require IMGs to ECFMG certified at the time of your application or far enough along in the application process that you will be eligible to participate in the main NRMP residency match.

10. What types of visas do you sponsor?

  • We sponsor J1 visas only.

11. How many IMGs are in your program?

  • We have 42 residents in our program and the majority of our current residents are IMGs.

12. Do you participate in the couples match?

  • No

13. Do you support ABIM research pathway?

  • No

14. What are the documents that need to be submitted with ERAS application?

  • ERAS common application form
  • USMLE score reports
  • Medical School transcript with grades (copy)
  • Personal Statement
  • Dean’s letter
  • 3 letters of recommendations

Medical school diploma (copy) if you have completed medical school at the time of application.